Commit d688d04b authored by Ragnar Thomsen's avatar Ragnar Thomsen

QDateTime::toSecsSinceEpoch() -> toMSecsSinceEpoch()

QDateTime::toSecsSinceEpoch() was introduced in Qt 5.8, so use
toMSecsSinceEpoch() instead, to avoid having to raise Qt version
parent b99bf962
......@@ -550,7 +550,7 @@ bool LibzipPlugin::extractEntry(zip_t *archive, const QString &entry, const QStr
time_t parent_mtime;
if (restoreParentMtime) {
parent_mtime = QFileInfo(parentDir).lastModified().toSecsSinceEpoch();
parent_mtime = QFileInfo(parentDir).lastModified().toMSecsSinceEpoch() / 1000;
// Create parent directories for files. For directories create them.
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