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Commit e43f773c authored by Elvis Angelaccio's avatar Elvis Angelaccio

Fix stale comment

parent 1a44f4a5
......@@ -174,12 +174,6 @@ public:
CommentJob* addComment(const QString &comment);
TestJob* testArchive();
* Compression options that should be handled by all interfaces:
* GlobalWorkDir - Change to this dir before adding the new files.
* The path names should then be added relative to this directory.
AddJob* addFiles(const QVector<Archive::Entry*> &files, const Archive::Entry *destination, const CompressionOptions& options = CompressionOptions());
......@@ -73,7 +73,17 @@ public:
void setCompressionMethod(const QString &method);
QString encryptionMethod() const;
void setEncryptionMethod(const QString &method);
* The working directory of an AddJob.
* All the path names of new files will be relative to this directory.
QString globalWorkDir() const;
* Sets the global working directory to @p workDir.
* All interfaces should set this before an AddJob or CreateJob.
void setGlobalWorkDir(const QString &workDir);
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