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replace magic value with named variable

it's clearer that way what the output value is and what we convert it
to. this would be an incredibly verbose cast using std::chrono so I've
opted to not use it here. it'd be a viable candidate if elapsed() return
a chrono type
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......@@ -60,7 +60,9 @@ void LocalLister::run()
// recursively scan the requested path
const QByteArray path = m_path.toUtf8();
Folder *tree = scan(path, path);
qCDebug(FILELIGHT_LOG) << "Scan completed in" << (timer.elapsed() / 1000);
static constexpr auto msToS = 1000; // not worth using std::chrono for this single line
qCDebug(FILELIGHT_LOG) << "Scan completed in" << (timer.elapsed() / msToS);
// delete the list of trees useful for this scan,
// in a successful scan the contents would now be transferred to 'tree'
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