Commit ddcc6efd authored by Joachim Priesner's avatar Joachim Priesner Committed by Albert Astals Cid

Make "Do not scan across file system boundaries" work properly again

There were two things preventing the setting from taking effect: The
ignored paths all contain a trailing slash, while the folder name
compared against them does not. Additionally, the refactoring commit
ee71f612 removed the assignment to the variable d, causing the directory
to be always rescanned.

BUGS: 339037
REVIEW: 129952
parent 9536fe04
......@@ -199,6 +199,7 @@ LocalLister::scan(const QByteArray &path, const QByteArray &dirname)
Folder *d = 0;
QByteArray new_dirname = ent->d_name;
new_path += '/';
//check to see if we've scanned this section already
......@@ -207,17 +208,15 @@ LocalLister::scan(const QByteArray &path, const QByteArray &dirname)
if (new_path == folder->name8Bit())
qDebug() << "Tree pre-completed: " << folder->name();
d = folder;
m_parent->m_files += folder->children();
cwd->append(folder, new_dirname);
new_dirname += '/';
new_path += '/';
if (!d) //then scan
if ((d = scan(new_path, new_dirname))) //then scan was successful
if ((d = scan(new_path, new_dirname + '/'))) //then scan was successful
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