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    Fix for bug #333156 "PHP Comment not highlighted correctly" · 2fe16fe8
    Martin Walch authored
    The bug reporter provides a test case:
    echo 1;
    This results in bad highlighting, because the @ character eats the
    closing comment marker */, making the following lines a part of the
    doc comment.
    While the test case does not make much sense, I have not found any
    other parser that would fail to recognize the doc comment as closed.
    It is also plausible to encounter "@*/" for a short moment while the
    user is writing a doc comment, so it is desirable to not expand the
    comment over the whole function for this moment.
    Fix it by refusing '*' in a tag name of a multiline doc comment if
    a '/' follows.
    Increment doxygen.xml version number from 1.37 to 1.38.
    REVIEW: 119759
    BUG: 333156
    FIXED-IN: 4.14.1
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