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    Clean up main CMake scripts. · a167b312
    Daan De Meyer authored
    - Use target based commands instead of source variables and directory
    based commands.
    - Move `find_package` calls from top level CMake script into kate and
    kwrite subdirectories. This is consistent with the addons where each
    target finds its own required dependencies.
    - Syntax cleanup: Two spaces indentation and, spaces after command
    names and split long commands over multiple lines.
    - Append to `CMAKE_MODULE_PATH` instead of overriding it so that it can
    be overriden manually from the command line by developers if needed.
    - Remove obvious comments.
    - Remove nested `project` calls as they are unnecessary.
    - Rename `kdeinit_kate` to `kate` and `kate` to `kate-bin`.
    - Remove `qt5_add_resources` usage and pass resource files directly to
    `target_sources` instead (thanks to `CMAKE_AUTORC`).
    - Remove unnecessary and transitive dependencies.
    - Exclusively use variables for MacOS bundle strings.
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