Commit 048b5a36 authored by Christoph Cullmann's avatar Christoph Cullmann 🐮
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ensure correct connection type for threaded execution

parent 4912c2dd
......@@ -170,9 +170,10 @@ bool KateProject::load(const QVariantMap &globalProject, bool force)
// let's run the stuff in our own thread pool
// do manual queued connect, as only run() is done in extra thread, object stays in this one
auto w = new KateProjectWorker(m_baseDir, indexDir, m_projectMap, force);
connect(w, &KateProjectWorker::loadDone, this, &KateProject::loadProjectDone);
connect(w, &KateProjectWorker::loadIndexDone, this, &KateProject::loadIndexDone);
connect(w, &KateProjectWorker::loadDone, this, &KateProject::loadProjectDone, Qt::QueuedConnection);
connect(w, &KateProjectWorker::loadIndexDone, this, &KateProject::loadIndexDone, Qt::QueuedConnection);
// we are done here
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