Commit 085953f2 authored by Kåre Särs's avatar Kåre Särs
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Enable the back button when navigating forward.

The back button remained disabled when navigating froward. It only
turned on when a new item was added to the jump list.
parent b0cbc84f
......@@ -1358,6 +1358,8 @@ void KateMainWindow::goForward()
Q_EMIT forwardButtonEnabled(false);
Q_EMIT backButtonEnabled(true);
if (!location.url.isValid() || !location.cursor.isValid()) {
QVariantMap genericMessage;
genericMessage.insert(QStringLiteral("type"), QStringLiteral("Error"));
......@@ -1376,8 +1378,6 @@ void KateMainWindow::goForward()
Q_EMIT backButtonEnabled(true);
auto v = openUrl(location.url);
const QSignalBlocker blocker(v);
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