Commit 0a483167 authored by Christoph Cullmann's avatar Christoph Cullmann 🐮
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allow to activate elements via keypresses

parent e1d70b2f
......@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@ KateFileTree::KateFileTree(QWidget *parent): QTreeView(parent)
// handle activated (e.g. for pressing enter) + clicked (to avoid to need to do double-click e.g. on Windows)
connect(this, SIGNAL(activated(QModelIndex)), this, SLOT(mouseClicked(QModelIndex)));
connect(this, SIGNAL(clicked(QModelIndex)), this, SLOT(mouseClicked(QModelIndex)));
m_filelistReloadDocument = new QAction(QIcon::fromTheme(QLatin1String("view-refresh")), i18nc("@action:inmenu", "Reloa&d"), this);
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