Commit 0afdf81d authored by Eric Armbruster's avatar Eric Armbruster Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Rename forward/backward history actions to better distinguish them from other...

Rename forward/backward history actions to better distinguish them from other forward/backward actions

Also move these actions into the goto submenu.

Closes #51
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE gui SYSTEM "kpartgui.dtd">
<gui name="kate" version="90" translationDomain="kate">
<gui name="kate" version="91" translationDomain="kate">
<Menu name="file" noMerge="1">
......@@ -46,6 +46,12 @@
<DefineGroup name="edit_find_merge"/>
<Menu name="edit_goto" group="edit_goto"><text>Go To</text>
<DefineGroup name="edit_goto_history"/>
<Action name="view_history_back" group="edit_goto_history" />
<Action name="view_history_forward" group="edit_goto_history" />
<Separator group="edit_goto_history" />
<Menu name="view">
......@@ -472,7 +472,7 @@ void KateMainWindow::setupActions()
// location history actions
a = actionCollection()->addAction(QStringLiteral("view_history_back"));
a->setText(i18n("Go back"));
a->setText(i18n("Go to Previous Location"));
connect(a, &QAction::triggered, this, [this] {
......@@ -480,7 +480,7 @@ void KateMainWindow::setupActions()
a = actionCollection()->addAction(QStringLiteral("view_history_forward"));
a->setText(i18n("Go forward"));
a->setText(i18n("Go to Next Location"));
connect(a, &QAction::triggered, this, [this] {
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