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close the first untitled unmodified document on open

adds back the heuristics we had before in the document manager
the new way works per main window, allows to nicely swallow
the first untitled document per window, if you e.g. default to
a new document per window instead of the welcome page
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......@@ -399,13 +399,36 @@ KateViewManager::openUrl(const QUrl &url, const QString &encoding, bool activate
KTextEditor::Document *KateViewManager::openUrls(const QList<QUrl> &urls, const QString &encoding, const KateDocumentInfo &docInfo)
// remember if we have just one view with an unmodified untitled document, if yes, we close that one
// same heuristics we had before in the document manager for the single untitled doc, but this works for multiple main windows
KTextEditor::Document *docToClose = nullptr;
if (m_views.size() == 1) {
auto singleDoc = m_views.begin()->first->document();
if (!singleDoc->isModified() && singleDoc->url().isEmpty() && singleDoc->views().size() == 1) {
docToClose = singleDoc;
const std::vector<KTextEditor::Document *> docs = KateApp::self()->documentManager()->openUrls(urls, encoding, docInfo);
for (auto doc : docs) {
// forward to currently active view space
connect(doc, &KTextEditor::Document::documentSavedOrUploaded, this, &KateViewManager::documentSavedOrUploaded);
return docs.empty() ? nullptr : docs.back();
// nothing opened => do nothing
if (docs.empty()) {
return nullptr;
// else, if we had some single untitled doc around, trigger close
// do this delayed to avoid havoc
if (docToClose) {
QTimer::singleShot(0, docToClose, [docToClose]() {
return docs.back();
KTextEditor::View *KateViewManager::openUrlWithView(const QUrl &url, const QString &encoding)
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