Commit 1da8738d authored by Waqar Ahmed's avatar Waqar Ahmed
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Fix blame fails when opening a single file

Sometimes if you open a file like `kate file`, the blame fails and we
don't see anything till we force a viewChanged signal.

(cherry picked from commit cb8e161b)
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......@@ -224,11 +224,16 @@ void KateGitBlamePluginView::viewChanged(KTextEditor::View *view)
void KateGitBlamePluginView::startBlameProcess(const QUrl &url)
if (m_blameInfoProc.state() != QProcess::NotRunning) {
// Wait for the previous process to be done...
if (url.isEmpty() || !url.isValid() || m_blameUrl == url) {
// Kill any existing process...
if (m_blameInfoProc.state() != QProcess::NotRunning) {
QString fileName{url.fileName()};
QDir dir{url.toLocalFile()};
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