Commit 1f784e69 authored by Waqar Ahmed's avatar Waqar Ahmed
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Make sure we work with a valid view in slot

parent 6d44fc0c
......@@ -640,9 +640,14 @@ public:
// m_semHighlightingManager.setTypes(server->capabilities().semanticTokenProvider.types);
auto h = [this, view](const LSPSemanticTokensDelta &st) {
auto doc = view->document();
QPointer<KTextEditor::View> v = view;
auto h = [this, v](const LSPSemanticTokensDelta &st) {
if (!v) {
auto doc = v->document();
for (const auto &semTokenEdit : st.edits) {
m_semHighlightingManager.update(doc, st.resultId, semTokenEdit.start, semTokenEdit.deleteCount,;
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