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add documentation for view.searchText

This adds the documentation for `view.searchText` from JS in KTextEditor added there in frameworks/ktexteditor!394.
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......@@ -3541,6 +3541,23 @@ In case of an error, the string <replaceable>object.status</replaceable> contain
Range view.searchText(<parameter>Range <replaceable>range</replaceable></parameter>,
<parameter>String <replaceable>pattern</replaceable></parameter>,
<parameter>bool <replaceable>backwards</replaceable> = false</parameter>);
Search for the first occurrence of <replaceable>pattern</replaceable> in <replaceable>range</replaceable> and returns the matched range.
Search is performed backwards if the optional boolean parameter <replaceable>backwards</replaceable> is set to <literal>true</literal>.
The returned range is invalid (see Range.isValid()) if <replaceable>pattern</replaceable> is not found in <replaceable>range</replaceable>.
<para>Since: &kde-frameworks; 5.97</para>
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