Commit 30c12959 authored by Waqar Ahmed's avatar Waqar Ahmed
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Don't expand semantic highlighting ranges to prevent incorrect

highlighting while typing

BUG: 431597
parent a46e42c0
......@@ -2221,8 +2221,7 @@ public:
const auto columnStart = static_cast<int>(token.character);
const auto columnEnd = columnStart + static_cast<int>(token.length);
constexpr auto expand = KTextEditor::MovingRange::ExpandLeft | KTextEditor::MovingRange::ExpandRight;
auto *range = miface->newMovingRange({line.line, columnStart, line.line, columnEnd}, expand, KTextEditor::MovingRange::InvalidateIfEmpty);
auto *range = miface->newMovingRange({line.line, columnStart, line.line, columnEnd});
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