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better link to up-to-date pages on is hosted on, too, any contributor can make alterations there
with the normal KDE processes
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# Join Us!
So you want to participate in developing kate? Great! The project is always in need of helping hands.
So you want to participate in developing Kate?
The project is always in need of helping hands.
However, before you start committing to this repository, read
If you need pointers, please visit the following pages:
* Central hub for information around Kate development: Just head to our website [](
* How to compile Kate on your machine? Read our [Built it!][] tutorial.
* How to help out with the project? See our [Join Us!]( page.
## Licensing
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## kate
Kate Application
For licensing and more see kate/
The **kate** directory contains the Kate application sources.
Kate is using KUserFeedback for telemetry starting with release 20.04.
......@@ -41,12 +46,24 @@ For details of the opt-in send information, see
## kwrite
KWrite Application
The **kwrite** directory contains the KWrite application sources.
## addons
The **addons** directory contains in sub-directories the sources of all bundled plugins.
These plugins are not only used by Kate itself but other KTextEditor compatible applications, like KDevelop.
## doc
Kate & KWrite manuals
The **doc** directory contains the Kate, KWrite & KatePart manuals.
## shared
The **shared** directory contains common code parts needed by the applications & plugins.
This avoids needless code duplication.
This is purely internal, no libraries/headers are installed, this is meant to be just consumed inside this repository.
The **LICENSES** directory contains the license files as referenced in the individual source files.
For any used **SPDX-License-Identifier** the matching license should be located there.
......@@ -33,13 +33,3 @@ kate/app/kateviewspace.cpp;LibraryGPLv2;1;1;4;2;0;Copyright,,1,-1,-1,-1,-1
## Building
With kdesrc-build with minimal set of (transitive) dependencies:
kdesrc-build extra-cmake-modules syntax-highlighting karchive kconfig kguiaddons ki18n kcoreaddons kwidgetsaddons kjobwidgets kdbusaddons kauth kcodecs kdoctools kconfigwidgets kitemviews kwindowsystem kcrash kservice solid kiconthemes kcompletion sonnet ktextwidgets attica kglobalaccel breeze-icons kxmlgui kbookmarks knotifications kwallet kio kparts ktexteditor kactivities kitemmodels knewstuff threadweaver kate
For the list which definitively works but might contain also unneeded modules, run
kdesrc-build --pretend --include-dependencies syntax-highlighting ktexteditor kate
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