Commit 3644c553 authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts

lspclient: add some explanation on current server configuration

parent 11890359
......@@ -17,6 +17,57 @@
* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA . *
* Some explanation here on server configuration JSON, pending such ending up
* in real user level documentation ...
* The default configuration in JSON format is roughly as follows;
"root": null,
"command": "python3 -m pyls --check-parent-process"
"command": "clangd -log=verbose --background-index"
"use": "C++"
* (the "command" can be an array or a string, which is then split into array)
* From the above, the gist is presumably clear. In addition, each server
* entry object may also have an "initializationOptions" entry, which is passed
* along to the server as part of the 'initialize' method. A clangd-specific
* HACK^Hfeature uses this to add "compilationDatabasePath".
* Various stages of override/merge are applied;
* + user configuration (loaded from file) overrides (internal) default configuration
* + "lspclient" entry in projectMap overrides the above
* + the resulting "global" entry is used to supplement (not override) any server entry
* One server instance is used per (root, servertype) combination.
* If "root" is not specified, it default to the $HOME directory. If it is
* specified as an absolute path, then it used as-is, otherwise it is relative
* to the projectBase. For any document, the resulting "root" then determines
* whether or not a separate instance is needed. If so, the "root" is passed
* as rootUri/rootPath.
* In general, it is recommended to leave root unspecified, as it is not that
* important for a server (your mileage may vary though). Fewer instances
* are obviously more efficient, and they also have a 'wider' view than
* the view of many separate instances.
#include "lspclientservermanager.h"
#include "lspclient_debug.h"
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