Commit 3891f7e0 authored by Eric Armbruster's avatar Eric Armbruster 🍁
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Don't crash in tab context menu if there is no active view

parent 66a4c7ca
......@@ -927,9 +927,13 @@ void KateViewSpace::showContextMenu(int idx, const QPoint &globalPos)
auto activeView = KTextEditor::Editor::instance()->application()->activeMainWindow()->activeView();
if (!activeView) {
return; // the welcome screen is open
auto *doc = m_tabBar->tabDocument(idx);
auto activeDocument =
KTextEditor::Editor::instance()->application()->activeMainWindow()->activeView()->document(); // used for compareUsing which is used with another
auto activeDocument = activeView->document(); // used for compareUsing which is used with another
if (!doc) {
// This tab is holding some other widget
// Show only "close tab" for now
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