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......@@ -83,7 +83,8 @@ is a Autocompletion Plugin for D, using the DCD autocompletion server</para>
<para>Rust code completion - Code completion for Rust source code</para>
<para><link linkend="kate-application-plugin-rust">Rust code completion</link>
- Code completion for Rust source code</para>
<para><link linkend="kate-application-plugin-searchinfiles">Search &amp; Replace</link> -
......@@ -1575,8 +1576,51 @@ context menu Project->Lookup:xxx
<!--FIXME Replicode
Projects Replicode run / stop-->
<!--FIXME Rust
Edit Find definition-->
<sect1 id="kate-application-plugin-rust">
<title>Rust code completion Plugin</title>
<para>This plugin provides code completion for the <ulink url="">Rust</ulink>
programming language.</para>
<para>Once you have enabled the Rust code completion item in the plugin page, a new
page will appear in your &kate; configuration dialog.
<screenshot id="screenshot-rust-configuration">
<screeninfo>Rust Configuration</screeninfo>
<imageobject><imagedata fileref="rust-configuration.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject>
<para>Edit the command to run <ulink url="">Racer</ulink>,
an utility intended to provide Rust code completion for editors.</para>
<para>You also need the Rust source code and have to provide the path to the source tree.
<para>While typing code a popup list appears with items for completion:
<screenshot id="screenshot-rust-completion">
<screeninfo>Rust Completion</screeninfo>
<imageobject><imagedata fileref="rust-completion.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject>
<para>In addition to code completion popups, the plugin also installs
a <guimenuitem>Go to Definition</guimenuitem> action in the <guimenu>Edit</guimenu> menu and
in the context menu. You can configure a keyboard shortcut for it as well.
<para>This action will open the document containing the definition if needed, activate
its view and place the cursor at the start of the definition.
<sect1 id="kate-application-plugin-searchinfiles">
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