Commit 56948573 authored by Christoph Cullmann's avatar Christoph Cullmann 🍨
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Revert "sessions: fix testcase for anon session"

This reverts commit 785665d8.
parent d3f6c156
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ void KateSessionTest::create()
void KateSessionTest::createAnonymous()
KateSession::Ptr s = KateSession::createAnonymous(m_tmpfile->fileName());
QCOMPARE(s->name(), QLatin1String("Anonymous"));
QCOMPARE(s->name(), QString());
QCOMPARE((int)s->documents(), 0);
QCOMPARE(s->isAnonymous(), true);
QCOMPARE(s->config()->name(), m_tmpfile->fileName());
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ void KateSessionTest::createAnonymousFrom()
// Create Anon from Other
ns = KateSession::createAnonymousFrom(s, newFile.fileName());
QCOMPARE(ns->name(), QLatin1String("Anonymous"));
QCOMPARE(ns->name(), QString());
QCOMPARE((int)ns->documents(), 0);
QCOMPARE(ns->isAnonymous(), true);
QCOMPARE(ns->config()->name(), newFile.fileName());
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