Commit 586c1708 authored by Alexander Neundorf's avatar Alexander Neundorf
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Search&Replace: also update the number of matches in the file-items

With this patch, also the number of matches items in the file items
is updated, before each file was showing the total number of matches,
not the filtered number of matches.
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......@@ -618,11 +618,14 @@ QString MatchModel::fileToHtmlString(const MatchFile &matchFile) const
} else {
fg = fgColor.darker(150).name();
int filteredMatches = std::count_if(matchFile.matches.begin(), matchFile.matches.end(), [](const KateSearchMatch &match) {
return match.matchesFilter;
QString tmpStr = QStringLiteral("<span style=\"color:%1;\">%2</span><b>%3: %4</b>")
return tmpStr;
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