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......@@ -80,10 +80,6 @@ simple &gdb; frontend</para>
<para><link linkend="kate-application-plugin-openheader">Open Header</link>
- Opens the corresponding .h/[.cpp|.c] file</para>
<para><link linkend="kate-application-plugin-projects">Project Plugin</link> - Integration with &git; and other source control systems</para>
......@@ -1834,53 +1830,6 @@ writing much of this section.</para>
<sect1 id="kate-application-plugin-openheader">
<title>Open Header Plugin</title>
<sect2 id="openheader-using">
<title>Using the Open Header Plugin</title>
<para>When editing C or C++ code, this command will switch between a header file and
its corresponding C/C++ file or vice versa.</para>
<para>For example, if you are editing <filename>myclass.cpp</filename>, this action will change
to <filename>myclass.h</filename> if this file is available in the same folder.</para>
<para>Pairs of the following filename extensions will work:</para>
<member>Header files: h, H, hh, hpp</member>
<member>Source files: c, cpp, cc, cp, cxx</member>
<sect2 id="openheader-menu">
<title>Menu Structure</title>
<varlistentry id="file-openheader">
<guisubmenu>Open .h/.cpp/.c</guisubmenu>
<para><action>Open</action> the corresponding header or source files for the active document.</para>
<sect1 id="kate-application-plugin-projects">
<!-- -->
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