Commit 5f247570 authored by Albert Astals Cid's avatar Albert Astals Cid

Do not reset the model without need

From reading the code i see no need to reset the model, the only think that i see the reset do is cause the view to "reset" too and the state of open/closed roots in the tree gets broken.

Used it for a few minutes and everything worked fine. Reading the code don't see why it shouldn't. I'll it use it a bit more for a few more days.

BUGS: 332990
parent ccb31d51
......@@ -690,8 +690,6 @@ void KateFileTreeModel::documentOpened(KTextEditor::Document *doc)
void KateFileTreeModel::documentsOpened(const QList<KTextEditor::Document*> &docs)
foreach(KTextEditor::Document *doc, docs) {
if (m_docmap.contains(doc)) {
......@@ -699,8 +697,6 @@ void KateFileTreeModel::documentsOpened(const QList<KTextEditor::Document*> &doc
void KateFileTreeModel::documentModifiedChanged(KTextEditor::Document *doc)
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