Commit 60fb10d2 authored by Dominik Haumann's avatar Dominik Haumann
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Tab Switcher Plugin: Make sure the height fits all items

The frame of the list view was missing.
BUG: 354019
parent f4b885a8
......@@ -229,8 +229,10 @@ void TabSwitcherPluginView::updateViewGeometry()
// smaller than the max-size. This means the view will get quite high with
// many open files but I think thats ok. Otherwise one can easily tweak the
// max size to be only 1/2th of the central widget size
const QSize viewSize(std::min(m_treeView->sizeHintForColumn(0) + m_treeView->verticalScrollBar()->width(), viewMaxSize.width()),
std::min(std::max(m_treeView->sizeHintForRow(0) * m_model->rowCount(), m_treeView->sizeHintForRow(0) * 6 ), viewMaxSize.height()));
const int rowHeight = m_treeView->sizeHintForRow(0);
const int frameWidth = m_treeView->frameWidth();
const QSize viewSize(std::min(m_treeView->sizeHintForColumn(0) + 2 * frameWidth + m_treeView->verticalScrollBar()->width(), viewMaxSize.width()),
std::min(std::max(rowHeight * m_model->rowCount() + 2 * frameWidth, rowHeight * 6 ), viewMaxSize.height()));
// Position should be central over the editor area, so map to global from
// parent of central widget since the view is positioned in global coords
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