Commit 62774ebc authored by Waqar Ahmed's avatar Waqar Ahmed Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Improve search performance

parent 349d8296
......@@ -978,6 +978,8 @@ void KatePluginSearchView::matchFound(const QString &url, const QString &fName,
row << i18n("Line: <b>%1</b> Column: <b>%2</b>: %3", startLine + 1, startColumn + 1, pre + QStringLiteral("<b>") + match + QStringLiteral("</b>") + post);
TreeWidgetItem *item = new TreeWidgetItem(rootFileItem(url, fName), row);
item->setData(0, ReplaceMatches::FileUrlRole, url);
item->setData(0, Qt::ToolTipRole, url);
item->setData(0, ReplaceMatches::FileNameRole, fName);
......@@ -990,6 +992,7 @@ void KatePluginSearchView::matchFound(const QString &url, const QString &fName,
item->setData(0, ReplaceMatches::EndLineRole, endLine);
item->setData(0, ReplaceMatches::EndColumnRole, endColumn);
item->setCheckState(0, Qt::Checked);
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