Commit 62ba535c authored by Kåre Särs's avatar Kåre Särs
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S&R: Fix project-plugin integration

Use projectName() in stead of projectFileName() to check if we have
an active project.
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......@@ -2324,13 +2324,13 @@ void KatePluginSearchView::slotPluginViewDeleted(const QString &name, QObject *)
void KatePluginSearchView::slotProjectFileNameChanged()
// query new project file name
QString projectFileName;
QString projectName;
if (m_projectPluginView) {
projectFileName = m_projectPluginView->property("projectFileName").toString();
projectName = m_projectPluginView->property("projectName").toString();
// have project, enable gui for it
if (!projectFileName.isEmpty()) {
if (!projectName.isEmpty()) {
if (m_ui.searchPlaceCombo->count() <= MatchModel::Project) {
// add "in Project"
m_ui.searchPlaceCombo->addItem(QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("project-open")), i18n("In Current Project"));
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