Commit 64c184b8 authored by Mufeed Ali's avatar Mufeed Ali Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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sessionapplet: Allow resizing the sessionapplet

The session applet can be put on a desktop as well, which is my
preferred setup. This change allows it to be resized below the current
minimum size while keeping the originally intended effect of changing
the default size.
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......@@ -63,8 +63,10 @@ Item {
Plasmoid.fullRepresentation: PlasmaComponents3.Page {
id: dialogItem
Layout.minimumWidth: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 16
Layout.minimumHeight: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 24
Layout.minimumWidth: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 12
Layout.minimumHeight: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 12
Layout.preferredWidth: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 16
Layout.preferredHeight: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 24
focus: true
header: searchHeader
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