Commit 68e8a3b1 authored by Pablo Rauzy's avatar Pablo Rauzy Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Make the script updating the local file more generic

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# This scripts uses pandoc to update the file from the documentation.
# This script uses pandoc to update the local file with the content from Kate's docbook documentation.
cd $(dirname "$(readlink -f "$BASH_SOURCE")")
sed -n '/^<sect1 id="kate-application-plugin-keyboardmacros">$/,/^<\/sect1>$/p' ../../doc/kate/plugins.docbook | \
pandoc -f docbook -t markdown -s - -o - | \
sed 's/{.\(menuchoice\|keycombo\)}//;s/\s{#.\+}$//' | \
sed 's/+K/K/;s/CTRL/Ctrl+/;s/SHIFT/Shift+/;s/ALT/Alt+/;s/(\[/[`/;s/\])/`]/' | \
sed 's/CTRL/Ctrl+/;s/SHIFT/Shift+/;s/ALT/Alt+/;s/++/+/g;s/(\[/[`/;s/\])/`]/' | \
cat >
cd - >/dev/null
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