Commit 772a89ac authored by Eric Armbruster's avatar Eric Armbruster Committed by Christoph Cullmann
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Add default config for c-sharp language server

BUG: 452813
parent 5578e2ef
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......@@ -20,6 +20,12 @@
"use": "c",
"highlightingModeRegex": "^(C\\+\\+|ISO C\\+\\+|Objective-C\\+\\+)$"
"c-sharp": {
"command": ["omnisharp", "-lsp"],
"commandDebug": ["omnisharp", "--debug", "--verbose"],
"url": "",
"highlightingModeRegex": "^C#$"
"d": {
"command": ["serve-d"],
"rootIndicationFileNames": ["dub.json"],
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