Commit 809548bf authored by Jan Paul Batrina's avatar Jan Paul Batrina
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Properly restore plugin view sizes again

378c65d5 broke the plugin size restore
when kate is closed with no active plugin views.
This is because the sidebar will (mistakenly) be thought
as collapsed, when in fact no plugins are activated.
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......@@ -562,7 +562,7 @@ void Sidebar::expandSidebar(ToolView *widget)
// If the sidebar is collapsed, we need to resize it so that it does not become "stuck" in the collapsed state
// see BUG: 439535
// NOTE: Even if the sidebar is expanded, this does not ensure that it is visible (might be hidden with hide() or setVisible(false))
if (isCollapsed()) {
if (m_isPreviouslyCollapsed && isCollapsed()) {
QList<int> wsizes = m_splitter->sizes();
const int ownSplitIndex = m_splitter->indexOf(m_ownSplit);
if (m_splitter->orientation() == Qt::Vertical) {
......@@ -807,6 +807,10 @@ void Sidebar::restoreSession(KConfigGroup &config)
if (anyVis) {
// if there are activated plugin-views but sidebar is collapsed, we must set m_isPreviouslyCollapsed to true so that it can be expanded
if (isCollapsed()) {
m_isPreviouslyCollapsed = true;
} else {
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