Commit 830ce99b authored by Christoph Cullmann's avatar Christoph Cullmann 🐮
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speak about 'Tabs' in the UI

parent 7be9efff
...@@ -180,11 +180,11 @@ KateConfigDialog::KateConfigDialog(KateMainWindow *parent, KTextEditor::View *vi ...@@ -180,11 +180,11 @@ KateConfigDialog::KateConfigDialog(KateMainWindow *parent, KTextEditor::View *vi
layout->addWidget(buttonGroup); layout->addWidget(buttonGroup);
// tabbar => we allow to configure some limit on number of tabs to show // tabbar => we allow to configure some limit on number of tabs to show
buttonGroup = new QGroupBox(i18n("&Tabbar"), generalFrame); buttonGroup = new QGroupBox(i18n("&Tabs"), generalFrame);
vbox = new QVBoxLayout; vbox = new QVBoxLayout;
buttonGroup->setLayout(vbox); buttonGroup->setLayout(vbox);
hlayout = new QHBoxLayout; hlayout = new QHBoxLayout;
label = new QLabel(i18n("&Limit Tabbar to a fixed number of tabs:"), buttonGroup); label = new QLabel(i18n("&Limit number of tabs:"), buttonGroup);
hlayout->addWidget(label); hlayout->addWidget(label);
m_tabLimit = new QSpinBox(buttonGroup); m_tabLimit = new QSpinBox(buttonGroup);
hlayout->addWidget(m_tabLimit); hlayout->addWidget(m_tabLimit);
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