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# Build it on Mac howto in script form
# uses a patched macdeployqt, see
# copy the patched one over the one in your Qt
# errors fatal
set -e
# set build type, default is release for bundle creation
export BUILD_TYPE=Release
#export BUILD_TYPE=Debug
# steps to build kate on make
# install Qt 5.6.1
# install CMake 3.3.2
# set path to Qt 5.6.1 stuff
export QTDIR=~/Qt5.6.1/5.6/clang_64
export PATH=$QTDIR/bin:/Applications/$PATH
# remember some dirs
export PREFIX=`pwd`/usr
export BUILD=`pwd`/build
export SRC=`pwd`/src
mkdir -p src
cd src
# install gettext, needed for ki18n
curl > gettext-0.19.6.tar.gz
tar -xvzf gettext-0.19.6.tar.gz
pushd gettext-0.19.6
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX
make install
cd ..
# build helper
function build_framework
{ (
# errors fatal
set -e
# framework
# clone if not there
mkdir -p $SRC
cd $SRC
if ( test -d $FRAMEWORK )
echo "$FRAMEWORK already cloned"
git clone kde:$FRAMEWORK
# create build dir
# go there
# cmake it
# make
make -j2
# install
make install
) }
# get & build stuff
build_framework extra-cmake-modules
build_framework kconfig
build_framework kguiaddons
build_framework ki18n
build_framework kitemviews
build_framework sonnet
build_framework kwindowsystem
build_framework kwidgetsaddons
build_framework kcompletion
build_framework kdbusaddons
build_framework karchive
build_framework kcoreaddons
build_framework kjobwidgets
build_framework kcrash
build_framework kservice
build_framework kcodecs
build_framework kauth
build_framework kconfigwidgets
build_framework kiconthemes
build_framework ktextwidgets
build_framework kglobalaccel
build_framework kxmlgui
build_framework kbookmarks
build_framework solid
build_framework kio
build_framework kparts
build_framework kitemmodels
build_framework threadweaver
build_framework attica
build_framework knewstuff
build_framework ktexteditor
build_framework breeze-icons -DBINARY_ICONS_RESOURCE=1
# clear old bundles + dmg files
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/kate.*
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/kwrite.*
build_framework kate
# deploy qt plugins as extra plugins, too, as e.g. iconengine will be missing otherwise ;)
for i in kwrite kate; do
echo $i;
cp -f $PREFIX/share/icons/breeze/breeze-icons.rcc /Applications/KDE/$
cp -f $PREFIX/lib/libexec/kf5/kioslave /Applications/KDE/$
cp -f $PREFIX/lib/libexec/kf5/kio_http_cache_cleaner /Applications/KDE/$
# deploy
macdeployqt /Applications/KDE/$ -executable=/Applications/KDE/$ -executable=/Applications/KDE/$ -extra-plugins=$PREFIX/lib/plugins -extra-plugins=$QTDIR/plugins
# remove stuff we don't need aka like
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
rm -rf /Applications/KDE/$
# create the final disk image
macdeployqt /Applications/KDE/$ -dmg
# setup of dev tools
# install Visual Studio Community 2013 with Update 5
# visual studio homepage
# install Qt 5.5.1 Open Source for VS2013 (here we use the 64-bit variant)
# install CMake 3.3.2 - let cmake be added to the path
# install ActivePerl Community Edition - let perl be added to the path
# install Python 3.x - let python be added to the path (e.g. ki18n needs it)
# install Git
# - let git be added to the path
# install Jom - unpacked in c:\jom here
# building
# open the VS2013 x64 Native Tools Command Prompt (or 32-bit if you choose to use 32-bit Qt)
# setup path to QT and JOM and the mingw parts of Git (for patch and Co.)
set PATH=C:\Qt\Qt5.5.1\5.5\msvc2013_64\bin;c:\jom;"C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin";%PATH%
# create some compile dir, we use here c:\kate
# go there in the VS2013 prompt
cd C:\kate
# checkout sars repo
git clone git://
# create a build dir + let cmake do its job
md build
cd build
cmake -G "NMake Makefiles JOM" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=..\usr ..\kate-windows
# build
cmake --build . --config Release
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