Commit 8c337049 authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts

lspclient: enable revision guard for transforming ranges

parent 9e62459d
......@@ -229,27 +229,13 @@ public:
/* NOTE:
* The implementation (at least one) of range translation comes down to
* katetexthistory.cpp. While there are asserts in place that check
* for a valid revision parameter, those checks are *only* in assert
* and will otherwise result in nasty index access. So it is vital
* that a valid revision is always given. However, there is no way
* to check for a valid revision using the interface only, and documentation
* refers to (dangerous) effects of clear() and reload() (that are not
* part of the interface, neither clearly of Document interface).
* So it then becomes crucial that the following signal covers all
* cases where a revision might be invalidated.
* Even if so, it would be preferably being able to check for a valid/known
* revision at any other time by other means (e.g. interface method).
// make sure revision is cleared when needed and no longer used (to unlock or otherwise)
// see e.g. implementation in katetexthistory.cpp and assert's in place there
auto conn = connect(doc, SIGNAL(aboutToInvalidateMovingInterfaceContent(KTextEditor::Document*)),
this, SLOT(clearRevisions(KTextEditor::Document*)));
#if 0
// disable until confirmation/clarification on the above
m_guards.emplace(doc->url(), doc);
void find(const QUrl & url, KTextEditor::MovingInterface* & miface, qint64 & revision) const override
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