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Commit 8eb69d93 authored by Shane Wright's avatar Shane Wright

mySQL and PostgreSQL syntax highlighting

svn path=/trunk/kdelibs/kate/; revision=174677
parent 6d0bef85
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ rckate_DATA = katepartui.rc katepartreadonlyui.rc
syntaxkatedir = $(kde_datadir)/katepart/syntax
syntaxkate_DATA = language.dtd syntax.template cpp.xml c.xml html.xml kbasic.xml objectivec.xml \
changelog.xml ada.xml css.xml perl.xml php.xml xml.xml java.xml rpmspec.xml \
sql.xml vhdl.xml diff.xml bash.xml latex.xml postscript.xml ruby.xml \
sql.xml sql-mysql.xml sql-postgresql.xml vhdl.xml diff.xml bash.xml latex.xml postscript.xml ruby.xml \
desktop.xml eiffel.xml pascal.xml sather.xml python.xml makefile.xml \
ferite.xml scheme.xml matlab.xml tcl.xml ilerpg.xml verilog.xml javascript.xml \
sml.xml winehq.xml cs.xml sgml.xml idconsole.xml xmldebug.xml fortran.xml haskell.xml \
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This diff is collapsed.
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