Commit 8f5c30e5 authored by Ahmad Samir's avatar Ahmad Samir
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Search addon: don't show the folder options for every new tab

Only show them folder options the first time the toolview is used/opened,
to tell new users that it exists ...etc.

However for subsequent usage, e.g. you select some text and use "Search in
files (in new tab)", show the results view directly, otherwise you have to
hide the folder options widget every time.
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......@@ -1998,12 +1998,12 @@ void KatePluginSearchView::addTab()
m_tabBar->setCurrentIndex(m_tabBar->count() - 1);
if (res->searchPlaceIndex < MatchModel::Folder) {
res->displayFolderOptions = false;
} else {
res->displayFolderOptions = true;
// Don't show folder options widget for every new tab
if (m_tabBar->count() == 1) {
const bool showFolderOpts = res->searchPlaceIndex < MatchModel::Folder;
res->displayFolderOptions = showFolderOpts;
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