Commit 94ffafc4 authored by Méven Car's avatar Méven Car
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Project git: add icon for refresh action in the menu

parent cb864812
......@@ -797,11 +797,13 @@ bool GitWidget::eventFilter(QObject *o, QEvent *e)
void GitWidget::buildMenu()
m_gitMenu = new QMenu(this);
m_gitMenu->addAction(i18n("Refresh"), this, [this] {
auto r = m_gitMenu->addAction(i18n("Refresh"), this, [this] {
if (m_project) {
auto a = m_gitMenu->addAction(i18n("Checkout Branch"), this, [this] {
BranchCheckoutDialog bd(m_mainWin->window(), m_pluginView, m_project->baseDir());
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