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remove ktexteditor part, is in KF5::TextEditor now ;)

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......@@ -74,16 +74,13 @@ configure_file (config.h.cmake ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/config.h)
# let our config.h be found first in any case
include_directories (BEFORE ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR})
# ktexteditor library, including the editor component called KatePart
#ecm_optional_add_subdirectory (ktexteditor)
# kwrite
ecm_optional_add_subdirectory (kwrite)
# kate application
ecm_optional_add_subdirectory (kate)
# addons, e.g. ktexteditor plugins, kate plugins, plasma applets, ...
# addons, e.g. kate plugins, plasma applets, ...
ecm_optional_add_subdirectory (addons)
# docs
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ or
== Kate specific rules ==
The main sub-directories of this repository are "kate", "kwrite", "part", and "ktexteditor". Very
The main sub-directories of this repository are "kate" and "kwrite". Very
differnt guidelines apply to these, so make sure you understand what is or is not allowed in each sub-project.
=== kate / kwrite ===
......@@ -89,29 +89,3 @@ should be implemented in the kate part, in order to make them accessible to all
generic rule of thumb: If the feature (or a similar feature) could be useful in kwrite, then it should probably
go into katepart. If the feature might be useful in applications such as kdevelop, kile, quanta, rkward, etc. then it
should probably be implemented in katepart. If in any doubt: Ask.
=== part ===
This directory holds the implementation of the kate "part". We assume that you know what a KPart is (and if you don't,
then please read up on it), but as a short summary: Any KDE application can embed this part, in order to gain advanced
text-editor features in very few lines of code. And many, many applications do, inside and outside of
These external applications are not compiled or linked against the katepart. Thus many concerns about source and binary
compatibility do not apply. However, several types of changes in katepart code can potentially have non-obvious
negative side-effects on applications that embed katepart. Thus, please be sure you understand the following issues,
and think twice before doing such changes:
# Shortcuts
#* Embedding applications will typically inherit the complete GUI from katepart, including all shortcuts. More often than not, these applications will also define a considerable number of application-specific shortcuts in addition to that. This has a lot of potential to create clashes between shortcuts in the katepart, and the
embedding application. Thus, please think twice before adding new shortcuts, or changing the default keys for existing shortcuts. Ask yourself: Does this action really need a shortcut ''by default''?
# Action names
#* The names of actions and menus may seem like a fully internal implementation detail, on first glance. But they are not. In fact embedding applications sometimes have the need to hide specific actions, to re-arrange them, or to modify them in other ways (e.g. changing the text to avoid ambiguities, etc.). To do so, they will reference the actions by their id / name (not their text label). So please do not change existing action names without very strong reasons to do so.
#* The same point applies for names of merge points and groups in the ui.rc.
# Syntax highlighting names
#* Similarly, embedding applications may want to set a specific highlighting mode under some circumstances. To do so they will probably use KTextEditor::Document::setHighlightingMode(), which takes the name of the highlighting mode as parameter. Thus, please be very careful when changing names.
# Removing the implementation of KTextEditor Extension interfaces
#* Theoretically, embedding applications may not assume that a certain extension interface (such as KTextEditor::SmartInterface) is implemented by the embedded part. In practice they do. Thus, if you ever have the need to remove a certain interface implementation, be sure you announce this '''very''' visibly, and to allow ample time for embedding applications to adjust to the change.
=== ktexteditor ===
'''This directory is actually part of kdelibs'''. It is synced with kdelibs, regularly, but technically it belongs to kdelibs (at least for KDE 4.x.y). Thus, any changes you do, here, ''must'' follow the kdelibs library code policy: . Before you touch anything, in this directory, please be sure to read and understand that in full. In particular you should have a firm undersanding of API and ABI compatibility issues. '''If in any doubt: Ask'''.
In any case, notify kwrite-devel about changes in that directory.
# kate.git content
## ktexteditor
KTextEditor library, public interface to Kate Part and stuff like plugins
For licensing and more see ktexteditor/
## part
Kate Part
For licensing and more see part/
## kate
Kate Application
......@@ -30,7 +18,7 @@ Plugins
Kate & KWrite manuals
## tests
## autotests
Automated unit tests
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