Commit 9ecbf279 authored by Héctor Mesa Jiménez's avatar Héctor Mesa Jiménez
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update docbook to describe .kateproject.[local|notes] files

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......@@ -2074,6 +2074,14 @@ You can also mix version control and files based on filters.
In case you have a <filename>.kateproject</filename> file tracked by a control
version system, but you need to tweak the configuration for a particular
workspace, you can save those changes to a separated file named
<filename>.kateproject.local</filename>. The content of this file will take
precedence over <filename>.kateproject</filename>.
......@@ -2133,7 +2141,7 @@ using <command>cppcheck</command> and to generate a report showing filename, lin
<para>Text entered in this tab will be saved in the file
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