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......@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ gets invoked. There are two kind of variables supported:
The first form <userinput>%{variable-name}</userinput> simply replaces the
variable with its contents. For instance, the variable <userinput>%{Document:FileName}</userinput>
is replaced by the current document’s filename without its path.
The second form <userinput>%{variable-name:&lg;value&gt;}</userinput> gets the
The second form <userinput>%{variable-name:&lt;value&gt;}</userinput> gets the
<userinput>&lt;value&gt;</userinput> as contents. For example, this can be used
to expand an environment variable with <userinput>%{ENV:HOME}</userinput>,
or one can obtain the current date in the preferred format like
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