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Add windows installer to appstream artifacts

This way it gets listed on
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......@@ -1049,7 +1049,15 @@ kimi görüntüdə bir çox sənədlərlə eyni vaxtda işləmək</li>
<content_rating type="oars-1.1"/>
<release version="21.12.3" date="2022-03-03"/>
<release version="21.12.3" date="2022-03-03">
<artifact type="binary" platform="win64">
<checksum type="sha256">9ceedc467bbbcbca353577d00c3fd08c5ad8ef520f22ca66a3b37dae8f56575e</checksum>
<size type="download">58859032</size>
<release version="21.12.2" date="2022-02-03"/>
<release version="21.12.1" date="2022-01-06"/>
<release version="21.12.0" date="2021-12-09"/>
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