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......@@ -3,7 +3,6 @@
<author>&TC.Hollingsworth; &TC.Hollingsworth.mail;</author>
<author>Nibaldo González S. &lt;;</author>
......@@ -1956,17 +1955,21 @@ the same style in almost all of the text formats that KSyntaxHighlighting can hi
This text styles can be referenced from the <userinput>default styles</userinput> used
in <link linkend="highlight">syntax highlighting</link> definition &XML; files, for example,
the <quote>Normal</quote> attribute is equivalent to <quote>dsNormal</quote> in the &XML; files,
and <quote>DataType</quote> is equivalent to <quote>dsDataType</quote>.
See <xref linkend="kate-highlight-default-styles"/> in the syntax highlighting documentation.
Make sure to choose readable colors with good contrast especially in combination with
the <userinput><link linkend="color-themes-editor-colors">Editor Colors</link></userinput>.
See <xref linkend="color-themes-contrast"/>.
<para>In the <link linkend="color-themes-json">&JSON; file</link>, the respective key
......@@ -1999,13 +2002,14 @@ text style keys are mandatory</userinput>, these are listed below.
<para>Each key of <emphasis>default text style</emphasis> has a &JSON; object as
<term>Each key of <emphasis>default text style</emphasis> has a &JSON; object as
its value, where values such as <emphasis>color</emphasis>, <emphasis>bold</emphasis>,
<emphasis>italic</emphasis>, etc. are specified. These keys are as follows:
<para><userinput>text-color</userinput>: It is a <emphasis>string</emphasis> with the
......@@ -2098,7 +2102,6 @@ Text style for annotations or attributes of functions or objects, e.g.
<userinput>__attribute__((...))</userinput> in C++.</para>
<term><guilabel>Numbers, Types &amp; Constants</guilabel></term>
......@@ -2130,11 +2133,11 @@ in C/C++; or math constants like <emphasis>PI</emphasis>.</para>
Text style for single characters such as <userinput>'x'</userinput>.</para>
<para><userinput>SpecialChar</userinput> (<guilabel>Special Character</guilabel>):
Text style for for escaped characters in strings, e.g. <userinput><quote>hello\n</quote></userinput>,
Text style for for escaped characters in strings, e.g. <quote><userinput>hello\n</userinput></quote>,
and other characters with special meaning in strings, such as substitutions or regex operators.</para>
Text style for strings like <userinput><quote>hello world</quote></userinput>.</para>
Text style for strings like <quote><userinput>hello world</userinput></quote>.</para>
<para><userinput>VerbatimString</userinput> (<guilabel>Verbatim String</guilabel>):
Text style for verbatim or raw strings like <userinput>'raw \backlash'</userinput> in
......@@ -2196,6 +2199,7 @@ Text style indicating error highlighting and wrong syntax.</para>
Text style for attributes that do not match any of the other default styles.</para>
......@@ -2316,10 +2320,12 @@ if the scheme is light or dark, respectively.
You can adjust the &kde; global color scheme in the
<ulink url="help:/kcontrol/colors/"><quote>Colors</quote> module in &systemsettings;</ulink>.
You can also change it in some applications individually such as &kate; or &kdevelop;, from the menu
<menuchoice><guimenu>Settings</guimenu><guisubmenu>Color Scheme</guisubmenu></menuchoice>.
<sect3 id="color-themes-gui-new-theme">
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