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Kate Snippets: add examples for working with selections

Based on what Thomas Friedrichsmeier shared in
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......@@ -3440,6 +3440,25 @@ documentation for more information.</para>
functions are being evaluated. E.g., if a function retrieves the text on the
line where the snippet is being inserted, that text will also contain
<para>As an example of working with selections using the scripting API, a simple way
to wrap selected text inside tags is this snippet:
<para>The following example invokes a script that inserts a default text in case
there is no selection. Snippet:</para>
<userinput>${rangeCommand("&lt;strong&gt;%%1&lt;/strong&gt;", "Bold")}</userinput></para>
function rangeCommand(command, def) {
if (view.selectedText().length > 0) {
return command.replace("%%1", view.selectedText());
} else {
return command.replace("%%1", def);
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