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Document the new option to configure output pane switching

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......@@ -91,6 +91,18 @@ the right.</para>
<term><anchor id="config-dialog-general-switch-to-output"/>
<guilabel>Switch to output view upon message type</guilabel></term>
<listitem><para>This option allows configuring when &kate; should show an
output pane depending on the type of action output.</para>
<para>It is possible to choose between <guimenuitem>Never</guimenuitem>,
<guimenuitem>Error</guimenuitem> (on error), <guimenuitem>Warning</guimenuitem>
(on warning or above), <guimenuitem>Info</guimenuitem> (on info or above),
and <guimenuitem>Log</guimenuitem> (on log or above).</para>
<term><anchor id="config-dialog-general-warn-mod"/>
<guilabel>Warn about files modified by foreign processes</guilabel></term>
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