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doc: fix the link to the scripting API section

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......@@ -3184,7 +3184,7 @@ be used in the function statically or passed as arguments, by using the
<userinput>${func(field)}</userinput> or <userinput>${<replaceable>field2=func(field)</replaceable>}</userinput>
syntax in the snippet string.</para>
<para>You can use
the <ulink url="help:/katepart/development.html#dev-scripting-api">&kate; scripting API</ulink>
the <ulink url="help:/katepart/dev-scripting.html#dev-scripting-api">&kate; scripting API</ulink>
to get the selected text, full text, file name and
more by using the appropriate methods of the <userinput>document</userinput>
and <userinput>view</userinput> objects. Refer to the scripting API
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