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katesessionmanager: Do not create QStringLiteral for config group write

We have a `const char*` overload and the QString overload only calls this one.
Consequently, creating a QStringLiteral is not needed.

void KConfigGroup::writeEntry(const QString &key, const QString &value, WriteConfigFlags flags)
    writeEntry(key.toUtf8().constData(), value, flags);
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......@@ -643,8 +643,8 @@ void KateSessionManager::updateJumpListActions(const QStringList &sessionList)
const QString &session =;
KConfigGroup grp = df->actionGroup(action);
grp.writeEntry(QStringLiteral("Name"), session);
grp.writeEntry(QStringLiteral("Exec"), QStringLiteral("kate -n -s %1").arg(KShell::quoteArg(session)));
grp.writeEntry("Name", session);
grp.writeEntry("Exec", QStringLiteral("kate -n -s %1").arg(KShell::quoteArg(session)));
df->desktopGroup().writeXdgListEntry("Actions", newActions);
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