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Add a bit on non-obvious internals of snippet-scripts.

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......@@ -3434,7 +3434,12 @@ the <ulink url="help:/katepart/dev-scripting.html#dev-scripting-api">&kate; scri
to get the selected text, full text, file name and
more by using the appropriate methods of the <userinput>document</userinput>
and <userinput>view</userinput> objects. Refer to the scripting API
documentation for more information</para>
documentation for more information.</para>
<para>For more complex scripts it may be important to understand that
<emphasis>first</emphasis>, the raw snippet is inserted into the document, and <emphasis>then</emphasis>
functions are being evaluated. E.g., if a function retrieves the text on the
line where the snippet is being inserted, that text will also contain
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