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<sect2><title>Working with multiple cursros</title>
<para>Once you have created a few cursors, you can perform most editing operation on them as you would on the single cursor.
For example, typing a letter will type it for each cursor. Similarly you can perform text transforms e.g., capitalization
for all the positions or selections.</para>
<para>Sometimes you will want to remove cursors. To do so, you can &Alt; + &LMB; on the cursor that you want to remove. If you just want to remove cursors on lines that are empty, there is a ready made action for it that will do it for you. To invoke the action, open the Command Bar using <keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;&Alt;<keycap>I</keycap></keycombo> and look for <guimenuitem>Remove cursors from empty lines</guimenuitem> and hit &Enter;. You can also configure a shortcut for this action.</para>
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