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Fix compilation with KF 5.90

The new overload that is only shown when deprecations are disabled was introduced in KF 5.91.
To avoid preprocessor version guards, we can just use auto here.
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......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@ SnippetView::SnippetView(KateSnippetGlobal *plugin, KTextEditor::MainWindow *mai
m_getNewStuffAction = new KNSWidgets::Action(i18n("Get New Snippets"), QStringLiteral(":/katesnippets/ktexteditor_codesnippets_core.knsrc"), this);
connect(m_getNewStuffAction, &KNSWidgets::Action::dialogFinished, this, [this](const QList<KNSCore::Entry> &changedEntries) {
connect(m_getNewStuffAction, &KNSWidgets::Action::dialogFinished, this, [](const auto &changedEntries) {
for (const auto &entry : changedEntries) {
const auto uninstalledFiles = entry.uninstalledFiles();
for (const QString &path : uninstalledFiles) {
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