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Add the 'Enable camel case cursor movement' option to the docs

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......@@ -672,6 +672,16 @@ bottom of the visible text as a new page of text is displayed.</para>
<term><guilabel>Enable camel case cursor movement</guilabel></term>
<para>This option changes the behavior of the cursor when the user presses
the <keycombo>&Ctrl;<keycap>Left arrow</keycap></keycombo> or
<keycombo>&Ctrl;<keycap>Right arrow</keycap></keycombo> shortcut. If unselected
the text cursor jumps over the full words. With this option
selected, the cursor jumps break at camel case humps.</para>
<term><guilabel>Autocenter cursor:</guilabel></term>
<para>Sets the number of lines to maintain visible above and below the cursor
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