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doc: add server troubleshooting tips for lspclient plugin

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......@@ -2649,6 +2649,40 @@ transformed to the &JSON; configuration that is used here and outlined above.
<sect3 id="lspclient-troubleshooting">
<title>LSP Server Troubleshooting</title>
It is one thing to describe how to configure a (custom) LSP server for
any particular language, it is another to end up with the server running
smoothly. Usually, the latter is fortunately the case. Sometimes, however,
problems may arise due to either some "silly" misconfiguration or a more
fundamental problem with the server itself. The latter might typically manifest
itself as a couple of attempts at starting the server, as so reported in &kate;
Output tab. The latter, however, is only meant to convey high-level messages or
progress rather than to provide detailed diagnostics, and even less so for what
is in fact another process (the LSP server).
The usual way to diagnose this is to add some flag(s) to the startup
command (of the language server) that enables (additional) logging (to
some file or standard error), in as far as it does not do so by default. If
&kate; is then started on the command line, then one might be able to obtain
more (in)sight in what might be going wrong.
It may also be informative to examine the protocol exchange between &kate;'s
LSP client and the LSP server. Again, the latter usually has ways to trace
that. The LSP client also provides additional debug tracing (to stderr)
when &kate; is invoked with the following
<literal>QT_LOGGING_RULES=katelspclientplugin=true</literal> suitably
<!--TODO: Supported languages, describe features and actions a bit -->
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